Creative Thinking

Jumpy Frogs will teach you to think ahead through creative and unique puzzles.

Beautiful Envirnoment

You will love Jumpy Frogs. Simple design and amazing environment make it fun to play.

Educational Content

By playing Jumpy Frogs, you will learn about frogs and other amphibians.



Welcome to Jumpy Frogs website!

Jumpy Frogs mobile game was developed over the last 3 years using Unreal Engine 4 technology. The prototype version was published in 2011 using Unreal Engine 3.  To simplify, we can say Jumpy Frogs is basically a new-age animated form of Peg Solitaire, but is really much more than that. When designing Jumpy Frogs we started with the basic Peg Solitaire idea, and thought about what parts make it fun and what parts don’t, we asked ourselves why such a game can be so much fun even thou it is one of the oldest forms of solitaire games. We think the answer to this question lies in our nature and our ability and desire to solve problems.

After many tests we decided many of standard Peg Solitaire shapes are too much alike, they are all based on a same grid, and it can quickly get boring, it actually didn’t seem to make much difference whether there were 20, 50 or 100 pegs or as many as you want, because what really matters in this game is the last few moves and ability to think two or three moves ahead. So we decided to make it Hexagonal , this makes it a little harder to play because each move has six possible directions instead of just four, we also thought about making it Octagonal, but we decided hexagonal is better.  Instead of pegs, we made cute animated frogs that jump six ways. While developing, we got more ideas on the way and so we added teleporters, magic frogs, several frog colors, a beautiful environment and created 120 unique and fun levels that will deliver days of fun and creative problem solving. But we didn’t stop there, we also added “AI Helper” as a one time in-app purchase, so if you get stuck in a level, or just don’t know where to start, you can hit the “Puzzle” button and the frogs will solve the level for you, you can at any time hit stop and continue playing yourself. In addition, we wanted to educate people about the importance of frogs and other amphibians , so we added a library of interesting facts as unlockable content and this is also available in the Jumpy Frogs Lite (Jumpy Frogs Free). More translations will follow periodically after the game is published.  We all wish you lots and loads of fun playing Jumpy Frogs and with your help we can take Jumpy Frogs even further.

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